Alfred Watkins, who discovered the ley lines in England, laid the beginning for the new direction of research related to the geographical location of historic objects. He noted that the various historic structures, megaliths, burial mounds, temples and other holy places lie on the straight lines and form a complex system, like a spider’s web.
 For Watkins, the concept of a system of straight lines connecting the points of the ancient, landscape was something much more than just a game of imagination. The hard work of compiling maps for the Military Surveyor, and field observations convinced him that “special place” of ancient Britain were actually located along straight lines. The work of Watkins about leis , as he called these lines, caused small sensation when it appeared in book form, entitled “An old straight path,” in 1925. Contemporary research of lees in Britain led Paul Devereux, who became editor in chief of the English periodical, “Ley Hunter” in 1976. Read more…

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Orientation is one of the most important parameters of any construction to determine which is possible even if the construction itself does not exist any longer. The ancient city or temple from which the foundation remained exactly oriented to the sides of the world is still an excellent reference and can successfully carry out, for example, navigation functions. But only balloonists or cosmonauts will be able to use them.

Jim Alison in his article about the laws in the location of the ancient historical objects describes the line passing through the Easter Island and the row of other famous places. Among them – Filitosa, Hattusa, Constantinople , which was chosen as the second point needed for building of orthodromy. But Rome is a great city, and for the specific point for drawing the line was accepted an obelisk, which stands on the square before the cathedral of St. Peter in Vatican. READ MORE…

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Hexagram is the most ancient mathematical symbol, known to mankind throughout millennia. It is considered that this international symbo has been found for the first time in India where it was used before has appeared in Europe and in the near east. By the legend hexagram has been represented on shields of tsar David soldiers and on the seal of Solomon. The symbol of hexagram meets at many people, on different continents and always mystical sense is put in it allocating with magic properties. READ MORE

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Desktop Archeology

For nearly a century, archeologists have routinely used aerial photo-graphs as a key tool for discoveries and investigations. In western Europe, the discovery through aerial reconnaissance oftens of thousands of previously unknown sites has transformed the way the past is interpreted and explained. In discussions of archeology, aerial views are often far more informative than ground photographs because the aerial views show the whole site within its geographical and environmental context, and they often show patterns too subtle or confusing to be recognizable on the ground. 
In the Middle East as a whole, there is a growing awareness of the value of this technique, particularly given the volume and complexity of remains and the need to balance preservation with rapid industrial development. Jordan has instituted and supports a program of aerial archeology, to which I have contributed. Recently, however, archeologists have begun to use the satellite imagery publicly available since the launch in 2005 of Google Earth, particularly since its gradual incorporation, beginning in 2007, of high-resolution images. READ MORE

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Everybody know about the Egyptian pyramids. And everyone is familiar with the official version of their origin: pyramids are constructed with exploitation of thousand slaves. But, always were skeptics who subjected this version to doubt. In that sense illiterate slaves could not construct so grandiose objects. Then who then? When there is no convincing hypotheses imagination comes. As authors of pyramids considered inhabitants of Atlantis or aliens. But many people having heard about these versions preferred to trust in slaves and Pharaohs further .But questions remained.
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The site has got a new section – INTERACTIVE MAPS
 This section contains maps visually displaying information associated with a variety of historic sites. Now you can see where exactly is he a historical object, determine its location relative to other objects and make a click to get full information about it. Nazca geoglyphs 3D map allows to consider them in their entirety and to assess the true extent of this phenomenon.  To view the maps on your computer must have a  Google Earth plug-in. It could be downloaded directly from the interactive map, or automatically install it by clicking on "run". By installing a plug-in Google Earth, you can learn right from your browser geodata in 3D including the view "Earth" of Google Maps.

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As a result of the majority portrayal of visible on space pictures lines and figures on Naska plateau has appeared possibility of geoglives researches in their aggregate. The majority of interesting moments have come at once to light allowing to tell about Naska lines as about the certain uniform system which comprises the certain sense. Probably those laws will designate the way which will approach us to understanding of device system principle and finally will lead us to perusal of the information put into it… READ MORE

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The well-known figure of nine paw monkey, geoglyph in desert Naska, is a riddle for science and a masterpiece of ancient art. Drawing to create which is difficult enough, represents difficultly solvable puzzle.
Simple and elegant geometrical decisions, are imperceptible at first sight, simply because drawing consists of two components combined in the general design, and it is perceived, as a single whole. The first part is a pentagram precisely given with drawing lines, the second is squares in which all image is entered. A square influences to all structure of drawing, and its party precisely are orientated on parts of the world.


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In the beginning of March server Google Earth has updated space pictures in the program with the same name. In higher resolution some areas around Naska desert became accessible also. On Palpa plateau now it is possible to examine well images of humanoid figures and accordingly to define their exact position relatively to other elements and in a southern part of Naska plateau were found geoglives unknown earlier, at least, data about them still are not found.


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When the site for Washington D.C. was chosen to be the national capital of the United States, it was an undeveloped area. George Washington selected Pierre L’enfant to design the layout of the city. George Washington was the highest ranking member of the Masons at the time and the Masons were ardent students of ancient civilizations such as those of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. This is evidenced by many of the monuments in and around the city. It has also been suggested that the streets, the broad diagonal avenues, and the blocks and circles left open for monumental structures, incorporated geometric designs of Masonic relevance, as shown in the 1862 map of Washington D.C. pictured below.

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